Lions' Bluff Lodge, Taita Hills Game Sanctuary/Lumo Conservancy, Kenya

Lions' Bluff Lodge, Kenya

Lions Bluff Lodge is a small, exclusive lodge which clings to the edge of a bluff suspended above Lumo Community Wildlife Sanctuary/Conservancy/Taita Hills Game Sanctury  in Tsavo West.

Salt Lick Lodge - Taita Hills Game Sanctuary, Kenya

Salt Lick Lodge

Salt Lick Lodge Lodge is a luxury Safari accommodation set in the heart of the Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary - a private wildlife conservancy of 28,000 acres located at the foot of the Taita Hills bordering Tsavo West National Park. Salt Lick Lodge Lodge is one of Kenya’s flagship lodges, famed for being among the World’s Most Photographed Lodges and a favourite amongst travellers seeking for luxury in the wild.

Taita Hills Game Lodge, Kenya

Taita Hills Game Lodge

Taita Hills Game Lodge is a stone building whose architecture and design is themed with that of a German fortress, reflective of the World War 1 Anglo - German conflict in this area which epitomizes the magnificence of Kenya's forests, mountains and Savanna within the 28,000 acres of the sanctuary.

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