Lions' Bluff Lodge, Taita Hills Game Sanctuary/Lumo Conservancy, Kenya

Lions' Bluff Lodge, Kenya

Lions Bluff Lodge is a small, exclusive lodge which clings to the edge of a bluff suspended above Lumo Community Wildlife Sanctuary/Conservancy/Taita Hills Game Sanctury  in Tsavo West.

Salt Lick Lodge - Taita Hills Game Sanctuary, Kenya

Salt Lick Lodge, Kenya

The Salt Lick Lodge is a unique lodge built atop stilts overlooking a waterhole. It is linked by suspended walkways under which elephants potter. Its name is taken from its setting - a natural salt lick which was a congregating place for the neighborhood's salt-hungry residents.

Taita Hills Game Lodge, Kenya

Taita Hills Game Lodge, Kenya

Taita Hills Game Lodge is a stone building whose architecture and design is themed with that of a German fortress, reflective of the World War 1 Anglo - German conflict in this area which epitomizes the magnificence of Kenya's forests, mountains and Savanna within the 28,000 acres of the sanctuary.


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