Ithumba Camp

Ithumba Camp (run by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust – DSWT)is a self help facility (we carry our own food and drinks) in Northern Tsavo East National Park - a haven for both elephants and elephant lovers! Dinner and overnight at the camp.

Ithumba Camp is an exclusive and stylishly rustic self-catering tented camp designed for the intrepid traveler who relishes being off the beaten track in the northern part of Tsavo East, a remote and relatively safe location to reintroduce the orphaned elephants into their wild habitat. Over a period of more than a decade the elephants are taught to forage for food, learn seasonal water availability, and most importantly, to begin to encounter and interact with the wild elephants that they will eventually live among. Guests at Ithumba Camp get to spend time with different orphans at various stages of this process, and get close to the wild elephants with which they are interacting.

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Ithumba Camp was built with payment received by DSWT from BBC’s Elephant Diaries Series. Profits from the Camp go directly to the Kenya Wildlife Service in support of conservation in Tsavo.

Note: In order to stay at Ithumba camp all guests need to be foster parents