World War One Gun captured in Mombasa, Kenya

Battlefield tourism specializes in tours of battlefields, cemeteries, memorials and related historic sites. battlefield tourism focuses on historic battlefields where the fighting is long past and is much more strongly linked to heritage and commemoration.

Kenya, known as British East Africa during World War I, borders Tanzania, then known as German East Africa. Taita Taveta County was therefore the site of several important battles in what was known as the East African Campaign of World War I. The German Schutztruppe occupied Taveta and built fortified outposts with an intention of blocking the British from using the Voi-Taveta Railway.

Major battle sites and commemoration locations include:

  • The German outpost on Salaita Hill where a big battle was fought on 12 February 1916, followed by a German retreat towards the Kenya-Tanzania border.
  • Latema and Rianta Hills where a major battle was fought between 12 and 16 March 1916, the final World War 1 battle in British colonial territory.
  • Mile 27 on the Voi-Maktau Railway
  • Fortifications at Maktau
  • Mashoti Fort
  • Mbuyuni